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We are a team of food-fans and food writers with extensive and in-depth knowledge of the cities we cover. We love sharing amazing places to eat and drink, which led us to the natural next step of sharing our insider info and food obsessions with you, our readers.

Eat Drink Lucky is a daily foodie email newsletter with three short tips about food, drink and lifestyle news, including where to eat and drink next and off-beat foodie, arts and cultural events.

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Gillian Britt, Co-Founder and Executive Editor

As a kid in Ohio, Gillian Britt grew up with Julia Child in the background on TV. Her mother was a food writer for the local paper and active in a gourmet dinner club. Gillian was basically raised on Gourmet Magazine. Food was always something with which to experiment, and enjoy, and her first taste of foodie news-worthy buzz came in the eighth grade, when she learned about the secret menu at a local Chinese restaurant.

After years working in public relations firms in Chicago and Maine, she founded her own firm, gBritt PR, in Maine. She and Jim Britt, her husband and business partner, have spent the past 17 years supporting local restaurants and hospitality clients as a part of the explosive restaurant boom in Portland. They are also the founders of Maine’s biggest foodie event, Maine Restaurant Week.

It’s here at her office in Maine, in a city that is said to have more restaurants per capita than San Francisco, that the idea for Eat Drink Lucky was born.

Gillian is a lover of food, wine, and fun conversation. She’s always curious about the new spots but prefers tried-and-true quality over trendy hype. And she’s not afraid of fine dining, or a hot dog smothered in mustard.


Kevin Phelan, Co-Founder and CEO

As a food lover, tech wiz and sports fanatic, Kevin Phelan’s years of experience in multiple sectors of digital media led him to a Maine Restaurant Week event in 2013, where he met Gillian and the idea for Eat Drink Lucky began to form.

Following a stint writing for the Boston newspapers, Kevin moved to the high tech world in sales and marketing during the dot-com boom, and then went back to school to learn to code. From there, he worked as a digital strategist for leading global brands such as Guinness, Red Bull and EA Sports, and in 2013 created Sox Lunch, a snackable, mobile-friendly email newsletter for Red Sox news (Go Sox!).

In combining his digital savvy with Gillian’s deep foodie knowledge, Eat Drink Lucky went from concept to reality.

Kevin loves dirty martinis, and has a borderline unsafe tuna sushi habit. If you know a doctor, it’d put our minds at ease to have someone check his mercury levels. We need him!

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